Jack Lugg, South African Artist (1924 – 2013)

Oil Painting, Mixed Media and Sculpture

Jack Lugg, a South African artist, established the Jack Lugg Art Gallery in Knysna showcasing a dynamic cross-section of his powerful creativity, vibrant colour and expression of emotion.

Now, after his death and that of his wife, Rosemary, the Jack Lugg Art Gallery continues to be run by his children. Jack leaves us the legacy of his art, some of which is showcased on this website. Many more of Jack’s artworks can be viewed by appointment in Port Elizabeth.

A love of character, the people and soul of Africa, nature, music, sports as well as the imaginative world, all inspire and compel him to express his vision in figurative or abstracted form. Exhibitions and public and private collections in South Africa, Europe, USA, and South America.

Jack Lugg's tutors ranged from Walter Battiss to Matisse, and at the East London Technical College [where he was Head of Art Dept. for 35 years] he in turn tutored, amongst others, Derek Bauer, Norman Catherine and Raymond Andrews.

Awarded a Durban scholarship and later a University of Pretoria silver medal for his contribution to art in South Africa. Featured in most S.A. Art Publications including those presented by Esme Berman, Anton Rupert and Everard Read. "
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